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Pierret, A., et al. Structural and optical properties of Al x Ga 1- x N nanowires. physica status solidi (RRL) - Rapid Research Letters n/a - n/a (2013).doi:10.1002/pssr.201308009
Yang, Z., Walls, M., Lisiecki, I. & Pileni, M.-P. Unusual Effect of an Electron Beam on the Formation of Core/Shell (Co/CoO) Nanoparticles Differing by Their Crystalline Structures. Chemistry of Materials 25, 2372 - 2377 (2013).
Mignot, A., et al. A Top-Down Synthesis Route to Ultrasmall Multifunctional Gd-Based Silica Nanoparticles for Theranostic Applications. Chemistry - A European Journal n/a - n/a (2013).doi:10.1002/chem.201203003 Download: Mignot_Chemistry13_NPs-SiGd.pdf (2.51 MB)
Oliveira, D.S., Tizei, L.H.G., Ugarte, D. & Cotta, M.A. Spontaneous Periodic Diameter Oscillations in InP Nanowires: The Role of Interface Instabilities. Nano Letters 13, 9 - 13 (2013).
Valitova, I., et al. Carbon nanotube electrodes in organic transistors. Nanoscale 5, 4638-4646 (2013).
Dobigeon, N. & Brun, N. Spectral mixture analysis of EELS spectrum-images. Ultramicroscopy 120, 25 - 34 (2012). Download: article_publie.pdf (1.28 MB)
Deboudt, K., Gloter, A., Mussi, A. & Flament, P. Red-ox speciation and mixing state of iron in individual African dust particles. Journal of Geophysical Research 117, (2012).
Colliex, C., et al. Capturing the signature of single atoms with the tiny probe of a STEM. Ultramicroscopy 123, 80 - 89 (2012).
Chen, S.-Y., et al. Enhancement of Ferromagnetism in CeO 2 Nanoparticles by Nonmagnetic Cr 3+ Doping. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116, 26570 - 26576 (2012).
Zagonel, L.F., et al. Visualizing highly localized luminescence in GaN/AlN heterostructures in nanowires. Nanotechnology 23, 455205 (2012). Download: Zagonel_Nanotech.pdf (1.21 MB)
Cha, L., Lartigue-Korinek, S., Walls, M. & Mazerolles, L. Interface structure and chemistry in a novel steel-based composite Fe–TiB2 obtained by eutectic solidification. Acta Materialia 60, 6382 - 6389 (2012).
Kociak, M. & de Abajo, F.J.G. Nanoscale mapping of plasmons, photons, and excitons. MRS Bulletin 37, 39 - 46 (2012). Download: MRS Bull. 2012 Kociak-1.pdf (1.01 MB)
Eswara Moorthy, S.K., Rousseau, O., Viret, M. & Kociak, M. Nanoscale Chemical and Structural Characterization of Transient Metallic Nanowires using Aberration-Corrected STEM-EELS. Nano Letters 12, 2732 - 2739 (2012). Download: nl204374v.pdf (1.74 MB)
Umek, P., et al. Local Coordination and Valence States of Cobalt in Sodium Titanate Nanoribbons. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116, 11357 - 11363 (2012).
Chen, S.-Y., et al. Concentration Dependence of Oxygen Vacancy on the Magnetism of CeO 2 Nanoparticles. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116, 8707 - 8713 (2012).
Tourbot, G., et al. Growth mechanism and properties of InGaN insertions in GaN nanowires. Nanotechnology 23, 135703 (2012). Download: Nanotechnology 2012 Tourbot.pdf (802.75 KB)
Rodríguez-González, B., et al. Surface Plasmon Mapping of Dumbbell-Shaped Gold Nanorods: The Effect of Silver Coating. Langmuir 120410144721001 (2012).doi:10.1021/la300269n Download: la300269n.pdf (4.19 MB)
Zobelli, A., et al. A comparative study of density functional and density functional tight binding calculations of defects in graphene. physica status solidi (b) 249, 276 - 282 (2012). Download: zobelli_pssb_2012.pdf (2.01 MB)
Mazzucco, S., et al. Ultralocal Modification of Surface Plasmons Properties in Silver Nanocubes. Nano Letters 120202105244000 (2012).doi:10.1021/nl2037672 Download: Nano Lett. 2012 Mazzucco.pdf (3.49 MB)
Bocher, L., et al. Atomic and Electronic Structure of the BaTiO 3 /Fe Interface in Multiferroic Tunnel Junctions. Nano Letters 12, 376 - 382 (2012). Download: Bocher-Nanoletters12.pdf (2.76 MB)
Amato, M., Palummo, M. & Ossicini, S. Band structure analysis in SiGe nanowires. Materials Science and Engineering B-Advanced Functional Solid-State Materials 177, 705-711 (2012).
Amato, M., Rurali, R. & Ossicini, S. Doping of SiGe core-shell nanowires. Journal of Computational Electronics 11, 272-279 (2012).
Amato, M., Ossicini, S. & Rurali, R. Electron Transport in SiGe Alloy Nanowires in the Ballistic Regime from First-Principles. Nano Letters 12, 2717-2721 (2012).
Ivanovskaya, V.V., et al. Graphene Edge Structures: Folding, Scrolling, Tubing, Rippling and Twisting. Graphita2011 75 - 85 (2012).doi:10.1007/978-3-642-20644-3_10 Download: graphita-2011.pdf (498.31 KB)
Amato, M., Palummo, M., Rurali, R. & Ossicini, S. Optical absorption modulation by selective codoping of SiGe core-shell nanowires. Journal of Applied Physics 112, (2012).
Valencia, S., et al. Interface-induced room-temperature multiferroicity in BaTiO3. Nature Materials 10, 753 - 758 (2011). Download: Valencia_NatMat11_XMCD-BTOFe.pdf (761.54 KB)
Ivanovskaya, V.V., et al. Low-Energy Termination of Graphene Edges via the Formation of Narrow Nanotubes. Physical Review Letters 107, 065502 (2011). Download: PhysRevLett.107.065502.pdf (506.32 KB)
Raza, Y., et al. Matrix-dependent cooperativity in spin crossover Fe(pyrazine)Pt(CN)4 nanoparticles. Chemical Communications 47, 11501 (2011).
Córdoba, R., et al. Nanoscale chemical and structural study of Co-based FEBID structures by STEM-EELS and HRTEM. Nanoscale Research Letters 6, 592 (2011).
Toma, A.C., de Frutos, M., LIVOLANT, F. & Raspaud, E. Phase diagrams of DNA and poly(styrene-sulfonate) condensed by a poly-cationic protein, the salmon protamine. Soft Matter 7, 8847 (2011).
Prado, Y., et al. Tailored coordination nanoparticles: assessing the magnetic single-domain critical size. Chemical Communications 47, 1051 (2011).
Umek, P., Korošec, R.C., Gloter, A. & Pirnat, U. The control of the diameter and length of ?-MnO2 nanorods by regulation of reaction parameters and their thermogravimetric properties. Materials Research Bulletin 46, 278 - 284 (2011).
Bertin, A., de Frutos, M. & Letellier, L. Bacteriophage–host interactions leading to genome internalization. Current Opinion in Microbiology 14, 492 - 496 (2011).