Tempos grand opening program

18 Dec 2018

LPS, Blandin Amphitheatre
10:30Official openingDetails to be announced
13:30Mathieu KociakLPS, Orsay, FranceThe CHROMATEM project
14:00Ondrej KrivanekNion, Kirkland, USAProgress in ultrahigh energy resolution EELS
14:30Quentin RamasseSuperSTEM, Daresbury, UKBalancing Spatial, Energy and Momentum Resolutions in STEM-EELS
15:10Coffee Break
15:40Jean-Luc Maurice and Jean-Christophe HarmandLPICM and C2N, Palaiseau, FranceThe NANOMAX project
16:20Stephan KujawaThermo Fisher, Eindhoven, The NetherlandsAtomic scale in situ electron microscopy (opportunities and challenges)
16:50Frances RossMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyEnvironmental TEM: a window into the nanoworld
17:30Cofee Break
18:00Ludovic LargeauC2N, Palaiseau, FranceThe NANOTEM project
19:00Cocktail and buffet

19 Dec 2018

C2N, Main Amphitheatre
8:30Welcome coffee
9:00Pierre MullerCINAM, Marseille, FranceDynamics  of self-propelled structures on solid surfaces studied by Low Energy Electron Microscopy
9:40Ileana FloreaLPICM, Palaiseau, FranceRadical-assisted CVD implemented in a modified HR-ETEM for in-situ real time growth of SWCNT in NANOMAX
10:00Luiz Galvao-TizeiLPS, Orsay, FranceNanooptics in CHROMATEM
10:20Coffee break
11:00Lena KourkoutisCornell University, USANew frontiers in cryo-electron microscopy: From Probing Low Temperature Electronic Phases to Processes at Liquid/Solid Interfaces
11:40Laura BocherLPS, Orsay, FranceToward New In Situ Ultra-High Resolution EELS Experiments in CHROMATEM
12:00Hervé MontigaudSt Gobain, Courbevoie, FranceContribution of the NANOTEM platform in the characterization of functionalized glazing
13:30Martien Den HertogInstitut Néel, Grenoble, FranceTransmission electron microscopy combined with in-situ biasing of semiconducting NWs for the study of dopants, surface charges and metal contacts
14:10Gilles PatriarcheC2N, Palaiseau, FranceAtomic step flow on a nanofacet in NANOMAX
14:40Christian SerreENS, Paris, FranceChallenges in advanced characterization of functional porous hybrid solids
15:00 Coffee break
15:30Alexandre GloterLPS, Orsay, FranceLow energy electronic excitations in transition metal (oxide) based nanostructures in CHROMATEM
15:50Jean-Pascal RueffSynchrotron Soleil, Gif-sur-Yvette, FranceAdvanced spectroscopic techniques for complex materials