Self-induced growth of vertical GaN nanowires on silica

TitleSelf-induced growth of vertical GaN nanowires on silica
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsKumaresan, V, Largeau, L, Oehler, F, Zhang, H, Mauguin, O, Glas, F, Gogneau, N, Tchernycheva, M, Harmand, J-C
Date PublishedAPR 1

We study the self-induced growth of GaN nanowires on silica. Although the amorphous structure of this substrate offers no possibility of an epitaxial relationship, the nanowires are remarkably aligned with the substrate normal whereas, as expected, their in-plane orientation is random. Their structural and optical characteristics are compared to those of GaN nanowires grown on standard crystalline Si (111) substrates. The polarity inversion domains are much less frequent, if not totally absent, in the nanowires grown on silica, which we find to be N-polar. This work demonstrates that high-quality vertical GaN nanowires can be elaborated without resorting to bulk crystalline substrates.