Lazarevicite-type short-range ordering in ternary III-V nanowires

TitleLazarevicite-type short-range ordering in ternary III-V nanowires
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsSchnedler, M, Lefebvre, I, Xu, T, Portz, V, Patriarche, G, Nys, J-P, Plissard, SR, Caroff, P, Berthe, M, Eisele, H, Dunin-Borkowski, RE, Ebert, P, Grandidier, B
Date PublishedNOV 14

Stabilizing ordering instead of randomness in alloy semiconductor materials is a powerful means to change their physical properties. We used scanning tunneling and transmission electron microscopies to reveal the existence of an unrecognized ordering in ternary III-V materials. The lazarevicite short-range order, found in the shell of InAs1-xSbx nanowires, is driven by the strong Sb-Sb repulsion along < 110 > atomic chains during their incorporation on unreconstructed \{110\} sidewalls. Its spontaneous formation under group-III-rich conditions of growth offers the prospect to broaden the limited classes of ordered structures occurring in III-V semiconductor alloys.