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Journal Article
R. Bourrellier, Meuret, S., Tararan, A., Stéphan, O., Kociak, M., Tizei, L. H. G., and Zobelli, A., Bright UV Single Photon Emission at Point Defects in h-BN, NANO LETTERS, vol. 16, pp. 4317-4321, 2016.
A. Losquin, Camelio, S., Rossouw, D., Besbes, M., Pailloux, F., Babonneau, D., Botton, G. A., Greffet, J. - J., Stéphan, O., and Kociak, M., Experimental evidence of nanometer-scale confinement of plasmonic eigenmodes responsible for hot spots in random metallic films, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, vol. 88, 2013.
E. Popova, Deb, M., Bocher, L., Gloter, A., Stéphan, O., Warot-Fonrose, B., Berini, B., Dumont, Y., and Keller, N., Interplay between epitaxial strain and low dimensionality effects in a ferrimagnetic oxide, JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, vol. 121, 2017.
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A. Tararan, Zobelli, A., Benito, A. M., Maser, W. K., and Stéphan, O., Revisiting Graphene Oxide Chemistry via Spatially-Resolved Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy, CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS, vol. 28, pp. 3741-3748, 2016.
M. Kociak, Stéphan, O., Gloter, A., Zagonel, L. F., Tizei, L. H. G., Tencé, M., March, K., Blazit, J. Denis, Mahfoud, Z., Losquin, A., Meuret, S., and Colliex, C., Seeing and measuring in colours: Electron microscopy and spectroscopies applied to nano-optics, COMPTES RENDUS PHYSIQUE, vol. 15, pp. 158-175, 2014.
A. Losquin, Zagonel, L. F., Myroshnychenko, V., Rodriguez-Gonzalez, B., Tencé, M., Scarabelli, L., Foerstner, J., Liz-Marzan, L. M., F. de Abajo, J. Garcia, Stéphan, O., and Kociak, M., Unveiling Nanometer Scale Extinction and Scattering Phenomena through Combined Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy and Cathodoluminescence Measurements, NANO LETTERS, vol. 15, pp. 1229-1237, 2015.